Saturday, May 31, 2008

A short intro....

I never know how to start these types of I will just introduce myself. I am the granddaughter of Carstairs and Verna Bracey of Mecklenburg County, Virginia. For the past five years I've been running a genealogy site to do with the families connected to St. Tammany Farm. Hence the name of the blog....and the site. My grandparents gave the farm this name... before that it was simple known as the King farm. For the last few weeks I've been working on the Bracey family genealogy. It's been 50+ years since it was last really worked on in my family so I thought it was about time it needed updating. Not to mention changing. I have found a few errors that unfortunately others are picking up on and posting online. And in books...but more on that later. 
Really I should have started this blog with I first started researching this past month but never found the time. So I will fill you in over the next few days on what I've been finding and what I find from this point on as well. All the information I find will be put onto my site ( as I find it and can reference it. I don't take anyones information as fact unless they can prove it to be in some kind of "Official" way. (census, bible, birth or death records)