Sunday, July 6, 2008


A few weeks ago I was going through some papers and found a "transcription" of sorts my mother wrote on one of the tapes my grampa did. I dug out the tape and listened to it and he talks about his uncle Doll. Well it turns out he was going through a photo album and talking about the different pictures inside. One of them was of Adolphus Bracey! I about died. I have been looking for a picture of Doll for years. Turns out my aunt had the album at her house and this weekend I got it and have scanned the photo. Its a picture of the picture, don't know who owns the original one sadly. Very lucky person who does. I have already loaded the photo onto the site. It's in the Bracey Photo Album as well as with his genealogy.

Now the only photos of Paschal's children I'm missing now are of Virginius and Viola. But I don't think I will have much luck in finding pictures of them. I'm also missing a photo of Mont's daughter, Lelia.

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