Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Martha Alevia Jones, Annie Riddick Bracey and Maude Louisa Bracey

This past weekend I was rescanning some tintype pictures, I noticed that one of them had some writing very faintly written on the back. With closer inspection under the light I saw it read Annie Bracey. 

Along with this photo was a tintype of her sister Maude, only that one was marked more clearly so I knew before it was Maude. I also spent last weekend scanning other tintype pictures we had only they were in frames. One picture in particular stood out. It had been on a small table in the hall for some months next to a picture of Viola May Bracey. No one can remember how it came to be on the table. I scanned it and noticed that the little girl in the picture looks very much like the picture of Maude from when she was a little girl. I compared them side by side and had my mother and aunt also look and they both came to the same conclusion, it was Maude in that picture....which ment that the woman in the picture with her was Martha Alevia Jones, her mother. This is the first picture we've ever seen of the first Miss Pattie. (Mont's first wife) so you can imagine we were very excited. 

I have posted the new pictures in the Bracey Photo Album.

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